Thank you for your professionalism and for providing the inspection report so quickly, yet efficiently.

Sean H.

Thank you very much for the Inspection Report that you E-Mailed to us.  We are very grateful for your kindness, and all the efforts that you did to accommodate the inspection of our apartment on the day requested by my realtor.  You are a very special person.  We appreciate all your help and professionalism.

M. O.

I just wanted to say…I truly appreciate the service you have provided since I’ve started working with you.  I am reaching my 1-year anniversary in this business & once I started, I found that I wanted to build a team of personable, thorough & prompt people to work with.  I have been very happy & pleased to work with you as an inspector.  I know I haven’t sent much your way yet, but the transactions I have had…they have come to you & you have done an awesome job at getting me & my clients scheduled when I needed it & have always delivered a report when you said you would.  I just want to say Thank You & I look forward to continued work with you. 🙂


You are great at your job and I’m so glad you allow God to use it to help others!!


I thoroughly read every page of your meticulous inspection. It helped me get the right professional bids to negotiate with the seller. I’ve determined I would like to have you inspect all of my properties. Thanks.

Geneva M.

Extremely knowledgeable and professional. We felt Michael had our best interest as a priority.

Great service and follow up.

Has been such a great experience!! Thank Mike

It was a pleasure meeting you the other day and more importantly having patience with us as we asked many questions. Your wealth of knowledge and overall professionalism is rare to find these days!

Beth G.

I just wanted to send you a quick “Thank You” for doing a great inspection, along w/ a followup.  After reviewing your report and having you point out and explain several things during the inspection, I requested that the relocation company repair the following…
I know that your thorough inspection, documentation & report of these issues helped us receive these needed repairs w/out resistance from the relo company. So once again, thank you! I appreciate your work & professionalism.


Thank you inspecting our future home. You were very thorough and you took the time to explain. 


Michael, thank you for your thorough inspection and good company. It always makes me feel better when I feel comfortable with my inspector. You showed a vast knowledge of the home repairs needed. Thank you.

Thank you, Michael, for working with us! You did an amazing job! I will recommend your services since you did great with this house. We appreciate all your work! 

Cindy S.

Great job Michael. We are very pleased with your service and expertise. Thank you. Awaiting your report. 

Fred G.

Mr. Hermann is professional and thorough! I’ve used his services a couple times now and will recommend him to anyone that asks!

Anthony S.

I read the 44 pg. inspection. It was thorough, detailed, & covered every possible concern. Michael was very professional, scheduled a termite inspection & together they did a fabulous job. I would highly recommend Blue Knight Home Inspections & will utilize this company for future property interests.

A Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you so very much, Michael. I appreciate your thorough work, and am grateful for your kind gesture of discounting your fee (military). 


I truly appreciate the thorough inspection and comprehensive report. Thanks again for your time, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. 


Great report! I sincerely appreciate the attention and care you show my clients. You’re a tremendous asset to us all! 

Brenda (realtor)

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the incredible job of inspecting the house in San Antonio! Thank you for the static drain line testing recommendation. It did fail this test and sellers were not willing to repair the issue. We terminated our contract. 

We will be contacting you if we find another house we are interested in buying.


courteous & patient

Arlene G.